Papaya Mango Mix 8.5oz

Papaya Mango Mix 8.5oz

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Evocatively sweet with a sharp tangy undertone, the papaya mango mix is a fruity sensation so delectable, you’ll be tempted to taste it. It’s a scent that holds all the delight and adventure of a tropical destination, captured in a candle you can take anywhere.

Our hand-crafted candles are made of 100% soy wax, which is not only a healthier option since it is natural, but it is also non-toxic and our cotton wicks ensure cleaner burn.


  • Candle size: Small Jar – 8,5oz/240g – Double Wicked
  • Burn time: Aprox. 45hrs
  • Wax: 100% natural soy wax.
  • Scent: Blend of natural oils that brings you the real scent.
  • Wick: natural cotton hand straightened.
  • Glass: Temperature resistant recyclable jar and lid.
  • Dimensions: H 3.2” W 4”